Our People

Scott Maddin – Principal, C.E.O.

Scott Maddin is the founder and President of Compass Financial, a successful independent commodities brokerage firm.  He has been overseeing the daily operations, including business development, compliance, and employee supervision for the 20 plus year life span of the company.

Scott attended the University of North Texas, focusing on Computer Science and International Business.  He currently sits on the school board of advisors.  In 1984, Scott began his professional career as a broker for a small investment company, departing in 1986 to “do it better”.  Scott’s first company concentrated on trading precious metals and foreign currencies, and served as the impetus for what was to become Compass Financial.  In 1990, Compass Financial was formed, a full-service commodities brokerage firm.  The mandate of Compass is to serve the comprehensive needs of commodity investors, regarding everything from trading strategies and execution services, to future and options related educational products and services.

In 1994, Scott and his team developed one of the first internet order entry platforms, providing a quicker and more efficient process for clients to execute trades.  With the steady success of Compass Financial, Scott diversified once again with the creation of Compass FX to take advantage of the growing Forex marketplace.  Compass FX now facilitates the Foreign Currency trading needs of customers around the globe.

Scott was also enlisted to assist Dearborn Financial in the editing of their Series 3 instructional manual, and asked to be a member of the Sterling Society, a non-profit social organization that is dedicated to provide financial support for a variety of children’s charities.  He resides in the Dallas area with his wife and daughter and in his spare time enjoys boating, fishing, scuba-diving, travel, and Dallas area sports.

Dean Malone – Broker, Trader, Trainer, & System Developer

Dean is a multi-talented self-starter who turned the hobby of trading into a profession.  With his 14 plus years of trading experience, Dean has almost done it all.  He is a trader, system developer, broker, and national trainer.

Dean began trading stocks and commodities online in the early 1990s.  With an entrepreneurial spirit, a background in public speaking, and a remarkable talent for teaching, he worked his way for a sales representative to a national trainer for a Fortune 500 company.  Since 2002, Dean has shared his vast knowledge of the Forex markets with tens of thousands of people in his efforts to teach them how to trade the Forex market.

Dissatisfied with conventional and market-hyped trading systems, Dean developed and released the Synergy trading method through Compass FX.  Synergy is a Forex trading method developed to simplify trading decisions.  The beauty of Synergy is its ability to combine the market forces of price action and market sentiment.

He resides in the Dallas area with his family, is heavily involved in his Church, volunteers extensively, and enjoys camping, distance running, and spending time with his family.

Bill Jordan – Broker, Analyst, and Trader

Bill Jordan is an experienced Commodities Broker, and has worked with Compass since 1997.  Raised in Dallas, Texas, he holds a BBA degree from the University of Houston with a double major in Management and Finance.  Bill spent the first half of his work career in the banking industry until becoming enamored by the futures markets in the mid 1990s.  He acquired his Series 3 Commodities license in 1996, and since then has enjoyed working with all types of investors, large and small.  Bill also enjoys his work for Compass FX, as he has years of experience trading the Forex markets also.  His current focus is using Managed Futures to diversify client portfolios.  He enjoys spending time with family, travel to the Rocky Mountains, and staying involved with Church activities.

Tom Richter – Broker, Analyst, Trader

Tom Richter was born in Buffalo, NY, and attended the University of Buffalo with a BA in Philosophy.  He has worked at Compass Financial since 1994, and runs the day-to-day operations of our main Commodity options and futures trade desk.  He was mentored in the early 1990s by an oil trader who taught Tom the intricacies of trading options and futures.  Tom got so well versed at the ins and outs of Commodities that he became a Series 3 instructor for over 10 years, helping to write the Kaplan and Dearborn Series 3 Study Manuals.  He has a deep knowledge of options and futures, and handles multiple Broker Assisted Commodity accounts.  He resides in the Dallas area, and in his spare time enjoys carpentry, artistic set design, jazz, and sports.

Tracy Burns – Office Manager

Tracy Burns was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.  After a long career in commercial real estate, she found her way into the commodity arena.  She is in many ways the glue that keeps the office together, handling client paperwork, and helping with deposits and withdrawals for both commodity and currency clients.  She is well-versed in all facets of opening accounts with our clearing firms, and can assist you with maneuvering funds through 401k and IRA accounts with ease as she deals at very high levels with the largest custodians in the country.  Tracy resides in the Dallas area, and in her spare time enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, cheering for her musician son, and tending to her garden at home.